Frequently Asked Questions

Thansur Bokor Water is sourced right from pristine jungle on top of Bokor Mountain at 1,075 meters above the sea level.
Thansur Bokor Water goes through filtration system of Reverse Osmosis and disinfected UV and Ozone makes it become premium drinking water.
Every step of production is well maintained and produced with utmost care follows requirements of Cambodian standard CS 009:2005 for bottled drinking water with hygiene and premium quality.
Packaging of Thansur Bokor bottle Water comes in 330ML, 500ML, 1.5L and 20L.
PH = 8
PH of more than 7 is recognized as “Akaline” water, which is good for health as it can help in neutralizing the acid in our body.
Thansur Bokor Water does not come in glass bottles. We bottle our water exclusively in high-grade plastic bottles
Thansur Bokor Water can be purchased direct from the company conveniently to your office, home or store. Our sales team can be contacted at +855 88 9494 652
You can reach our sales representative at +855 88 94 94 614
Keeping hydrated is crucial for health and well-being as it helps to maintain your energy level, increase your mental and physical performance, allow for proper digestion, and boost skin health and beauty.